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If you are considering building or buying a house or property in Hawaii, the resources below will help clarify how to use county, state, and national web sites to get information about Hawaii real estate. Much of this information is found in Your Ideal Hawaii Home: Avoid Disaster when Buying or Building in Hawaii.

Hawaii Online County Property Records

Records can be viewed online for any property in Hawaii at the online property tax websites set up by each county in the state.

Properties can be searched by address or parcel number or Tax Map Key (TMK). The TMK is a unique number assigned by the county for every parcel of land, lot or condo. The 6 part TMK is in the format: I-Z-S-PPP-ppp-CCCC:

  I – Island Number (one digit)
  Z –TMK Zone Number (one digit)
  S – Section Number (one digit)
  PPP – Plat Number (three digits)
  ppp – Parcel Number (three digits)
  CCCC – CPR (Condominium Property Regime) or Condo Number (four digits)

To search by TMK, leave off the island number, add any missing digits, and only type in the numbers. For example: TMK: 3-7-5-20-73-0082 is entered as 750200730082 which drops the Island Number (3), removes the hyphens, and adds leading 0’s to Plat Number and Parcel Number.

The County Property Tax websites are below:

Honolulu City and County

Hawaii County

Kauai County

Maui County


Hawaii Online Land Titles, Liens, Deeds 

The state of Hawaii has land titles, liens, and deed information online on the
Hawaii’s Bureau of Conveyances' website 

On the website select: “Document Search and Online Ordering System”.
You can search by name (Grantor or Grantee) as well as by document number.
The Bureau's index is an alphabetical listing by parties of interest.
You can also order a copy of the information on the website.


Searching for Foreclosed properties in Hawaii

Fannie Mae (Home Path)

HUD Home Store


Freddie Mac (Home Steps)

VA Homes

FDIC Homes

IRS Sales

US Army Corp of Engineers

Treasury Auctions

USDA Property Sales


Hawaii Online News Sources

Honolulu Star Advertiser

East Hawaii Tribune

West Hawaii Today

Hawaii Public Radio

Hawaii News Now



CCRs Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions are deed restrictions recorded against the property and generally let a former owner, developer, or homeowner’s association to control certain aspects of property use. By purchasing a property the buyer agrees to be bound by the CCRs creating an enforceable contract. More reading here

Fee Simple A fee simple property means you own the land and the improvements on it.

HARPTA Hawaii Real Property Tax Law (HARPTA) allows the state of Hawaii to collect capital gains taxes from absentee owners. Under HARPTA, an estimate of the owner's capital gains taxes is withheld at closing.

FIRPTA FIRPTA is a US tax provision that imposes income tax on foreigners selling their property in the United States. The tax is imposed on the amount of gain considered recognized and purchasers of property interests are required to withhold tax on payment for the property.

leasehold A leasehold property means you are leasing the property and may own the improvements. Leasehold properties are usually less expensive then fee simple and the lease is depreciable, which may be a tax advantage. On the negative side, banks often require a minimum number of years remaining on the lease before they will lend money for the property. Also, leaseholders are not obligated to extend or renegotiate the lease.

TMK Tax Map Key (TMK) is a unique number assigned by each county for every property in Hawaii


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